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  •  Audio CD - 'Liszt, Debussy, Vladigerov - National styles from Europe'

    "In his first CD Miroslav Georgiev .... is revealed a solid pianist, with consistent technique, robust and well-defined sonority and a mature musicality... The biggest part of the album is dedicated to the virtuoso Franz Liszt, and Georgiev impresses indeed with his vigorous interpretations of the Spanish Rhapsody and the Mephisto Waltz, as well as other virtuosic pieces...."

    Irineu Franco Perpetuo, The Sao Paulo Folha Guide

    "Georgiev plays pieces of strong national character.... Besides the special repertory, the album is worth it for the precision and vigor of the pianist's interpretation."

    Concerto magazine, Sao Paulo

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    We have the honor of presenting you the first commercial recording of Miroslav Georgiev. This CD was inspired by the incredible energy and raw power permeating the authentic folkloric music, and all classical works based on it. Impressed not only by its potential, but also by the amazing similarities between features of different national styles, Miroslav Georgiev decided to make folklore-inspired music the basis of his first album.

    In the 19th and 20th centuries, the folk music of several European countries stirred the interest of the western world. Over time, this interest was naturally extended to music of countries from other parts of the world. The Hungarian composer Franz (Ferenc) Liszt was one of the first to use folk melodies and rhythms in his compositions, starting a trend followed by other composers, including Chopin, Brahms and Debussy. The richness of the melodies, harmonies and rhythms added to the music was extraordinary, establishing the direction in which western music developed in the next 100 years.

    The repertoire of this CD features three European styles: Spanish, Hungarian and Bulgarian. Although coming from different regions (Western, Central and Eastern Europe), these styles have one common characteristic: rhythmic and melodic richness and a vibrant energy, amazingly represented in the works of Liszt, Debussy and Vladigerov. Written in accordance with the romantic tradition, these pieces provide a magnificent and diversified sound experience in terms of exotic melodies and rhythms, being, nevertheless, accessible to all listeners.

    In addition, this CD celebrates the 200th birthday of the Hungarian composer and pianist Franz Liszt, whose works account for most of this CD’s repertoire.


    Franz Liszt

    1. Spanish Rhapsody (1853)

    Claude Debussy

    2. La Soirée dans Grenade (Estampes, n 2, 1903)

    3. La Sérénade interrompue (Preludes, book 1 n 9, 1909-10)

    Franz Liszt

    4. Hungarian Rhapsody n 13 (1847)

    Pancho Vladigerov - Episodes op. 36 (1942)

    5. Improvisation

    6. Toccata

    Franz Liszt

    7. Mephisto Waltz n 1 (1859-62)

    Alexander Vladigerov

    8. 'Dilmano - Dilbero' Variations op.2 (1954))